Blessings of the Forest supports environmental and traditionalist associations, indigenous communities and administrative authorities committed to the preservation and sustainable development of Gabon’s natural and cultural heritage.

We support the fair and equitable sharing of benefits from genetic resources and Gabonese ancestral knowledge.


Meet and Share a Common Vision

Engage in a Fair and Sustainable Partnership Agreement

Strengthen Material, Technical and Social Resources

Support the Evolution of Projects

Promoting Natural/Cultural Capital Locally and Internationally

Supported Gabonese Associations
Gabonese Villagers Trained and Equipped with Agricultural Equipment
Planted and Preserved Iboga Trees
Activités génératrices de revenus-300x300-web
Income Generating Activities Created
Children Receiving School Support
Impact sociaux_economiques-300x300-web
Gabonese Economically and Socially Impacted

Our Work

Our Social Organization, based on the principles of the Nagoya Protocol and Solidarity Economy, supports rural communities in developing sustainable and equitable Income Generating Activities from their forests.

Our co-developed projects enhance Gabon's cultural and natural heritage, provide an alternative to illegal exploitation of forest resources, and address human-wildlife conflict and rural exodus.



Your generosity provides:
  • The tools for the maintenance of plantations
  • The provision of allowances to the villagers for this maintenance
  • The promotion of permaculture in cohabitation with iboga
  • The development of the legal framework for the sustainable use of iboga
  • The creation of income-generating activities to compensate for iboga's long maturation period
  • The provision of regular social assistance, mainly for health and schooling
  • Logistics costs; Website administration; Accounting fees

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