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Blessings of the forest is supporting gabonese musicians

Support gabonese musicians with bandcamp

Gabonese artists not only lack the technical and financial means to promote their music but are also negatively impacted by the total absence of any legal framework to protect their earnings and copyright. For this reason, many great traditional Gabonese musicians and singers live in abject poverty, even though their music is listened to and shared across the whole world. This is what happens to Bwiti artists whose music has made its way around the globe through the network of various Bwiti initiates, yet they have never benefitted from this. Blessings of The Forest is well aware of this fact and has therefore decided to invest in high quality sound recording equipment in order to enable those artists who want to, to record their music. We will also be supporting these artists in their media communication and promoting them internationally. BOTF has already created a BandCamp page in order to promote the albums produced by these artists. 70% of the generated revenues go to the artist and 30% to BOTF in order to help the charity to finance the equipment and the management fees, in particular the costs of ensuring that the funds make it to Gabon, given that none of the artists have a bank account. We are also helping the musicians to create online music lessons for the various instruments that they have mastered and we are in the process of discussing the possibility of organising international gigs for them too.