BOTF is preparing a 5th mission to Gabon this July

Published On: Saturday, June 29, 2019

Published By: gemma

Language: English

Blessings Of The Forest is preparing its 5th mission to Gabon that will take place throughout the month of July. Yann Guignon, co-director of BOTF, accompanies Terry McCabe, generous principal financial support of our organization, in order to note the evolution of the five iboga plantations that we support in the countryside. We will concretely count the trees planted, not only iboga but also other varieties for food, therapeutic or cosmetic purposes since we are systematically enrolling in projects promoting permaculture. Terry will also be introduced to Bwiti, at Ebando's village, with the honours due to him for his unwavering support for two years now. It will also be an opportunity to meet the new Minister of Water and Forests and the Environment to discuss the consequences of the project proposed by BOTF to the Gabonese authorities (National Inventory of the resource + botanical research on the different varieties of iboga + integration program of the Nagoya Protocol...). On this occasion, we will hand over sums of money to the village communities according to the progress and needs of each one. We will also have "lobbying fees" and "trust building" with administrative authorities, both political and traditional. Your donations are welcome to help us in this mission. We also need financial support to update our website a third time in profound change, in order to meet ever more your expectations in terms of communication and sharing of educational content, details of projects initiated, etc. Please note that we are in the process of discussing a partnership project with the ICEERS organization in order to realise a documentary film with international reach, giving the Gabonese voice about the past, present, and future of iboga. We are working with ICEERS on the potential organization of an international conference on iboga in Gabon. Finally, we are working with a young talented Gabonese director, David Mboussou, on a documentary film project entitled "From Pigmies To Junkies" soon to be presented at Netflix. This project is very much about BOTF and we will keep you informed about its progress. We are very grateful for your interest in our activities and your support in all its forms. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any particular questions. May the Gabonese Forest bless you!

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