Professeur Gassita

Professeur Gassita

Professor Jean Noël Gassita (1933-2022) held a Doctorate in Pharmacology and Pharmacognosy, achieving the distinction of becoming the first sub-Saharan African to be honored as an associate member of the Paris Academy of Medicine.

Beyond this accomplishment, Pr. Gassita was a pioneer in various domains. He was the visionary Founder of the Institute of Pharmacy and Traditional Medicine (IPHAMETRA) in Gabon and served as the Curator of the esteemed Raponda Walker Arboretum.
Professor Gassita’s global impact extended to the realm of ibogaine research, where his contributions were of paramount significance. His collaboration with American researcher Howard Lotsof commenced in 1987 and played a pivotal role in advancing the understanding of ibogaine’s potential.

In 2009, Professor Gassita took Yann Guignon

under his wing in a traditional adoption ceremony, and in 2011, he undertook the role of sponsor, securing the support of the highest Gabonese authorities. This partnership aimed to conduct a comprehensive assessment titled “State of Iboga in Gabon and Internationally.” This assessment would later emerge as a crucial instrument in the core of Gabon’s decision-making process regarding the ratification of the Nagoya Protocol.

Professor Gassita assumed the esteemed position of Honorary President of Blessings Of The Forest Gabon

upon its establishment in 2015. Throughout his tenure, he steadfastly championed the organization’s objectives, throwing the full weight of his influence behind its mission. Tragically, Professor Gassita passed away in March 2022, just a few days after receiving the heartening news of the Indigenous Medicines Conservation Fund’s (IMCF) unwavering commitment to Blessings Of The Forest, the preservation of iboga, the safeguarding of associated traditional knowledge, and the implementation of the Nagoya Protocol within the Gabonese Republic
Professeur GASSITA
One of the founding spirits of BOTF

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