30 euros = 1 Iboga sponsored

Your donation allows Blessings of The Forest to fund several things:

  • 50% is allocated to BOTF's organisational costs: local administrative costs, website, annual balance sheet, lawyers, business cards, logistics, key appointments, ad-hoc support from local correspondents/mediators, media/awareness communication, lobbying policy...
  • 50% is intended for village communities in partnership with BOTF: agricultural equipment dedicated to nurseries as well as the maintenance and protection of plantations, occasional financial incentives for farmers to enable them to meet their minimum vital needs while waiting for the ripening of their plantation and investment returns (5 years) and support for the commercial, administrative and legal structures to be put in place.

What does sponsorship entail ?

By sponsoring an Iboga tree with "Blessings Of The Forest", you will be suporting a model that protects the Iboga tree as well as the ancestral traditions associated with it. Another important aspect to the funding of Iboga plantations is that it creates an alternative to deforestation and poaching for the people who can earn a living through the project. The Iboga saplings are mainly planted within the Gabonese community forests but also within the public domain in order to help those animals that naturally eat Iboga (mainly elephants and monkeys) to have enough of this precious resource to ensure their proper development. Your contribution helps to plant a tree but it is not only about planting trees. The various branches of our projects are indispensable to the preservation of the tree that you are sponsoring.

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Number of Iboga trees sponsored so far

1 Iboga tree costs 30,00 € to sponsor