Our Team

Yann Guignon

Intercultural mediation and sustainable development consultant

Director and founder of Blessings Of The Forest

David Nassim

Practitioner of Chinese medicine

Co-director of Blessings Of The Forest

Jean Noël Gassita

Doctor of Pharmacy - World authority on Iboga research

Honorary President of Blessings of The Forest, Gabon

Marie Lou Miboka


President of Blessings of The Forest, Gabon

Hugues Obiang Poitevin

Cultural Mediator - Founding president of the NGO "Ebando" (Gabon)

Honorary President of BOTF Gabon

George Gassita

Environmental lawyer

In charge of Blessings of The Forest's legal studies in Gabon

Gemma Rapkins

Communications and Marketing Manager of BOTF Gabon

Hubert Bled ELIE NLOH

President of the Village Association A2E (Ogooué Ivindo - Gabon) - Agroforestry Expert

Partner of BOTF (in charge of the pilot plantation project)

Rudy Declercq

Fisherman and herbalist

Advisor & Planter, BOTF Gabon

Simon Glantz

Software developer and nutritionist

Webmaster, BOTF

Quevain Pambo Makaya

Project Coordinator of NGO "Conservation Justice" (Partner of BOTF, Gabon)

Correspondant between BOTF and village associations

Dr Kirran Ahmad

Psychedelic Research Clinician and Anaesthetist

Medical Reciprocity Manager, BOTF