Loincloth P06N

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Loincloth P06N

In Gabon (as elsewhere in Africa), the cloths is a means of cultural expression that brings together customs, beliefs and traditions.
The patterns and colours that make them up carry meaning in their own right, but also for the person wearing them.

The cloths promoted by BOTF are made by female members of the Ebando association (Akanda/Gabon), under the direction of Abibetou Kondoou, otherwise known as “Ngando” in the Maboundi rite of Gabon.

The fabric used is 100% “backless” cotton (Wax), which is as bright on the front as it is on the back. It doesn’t fade, and its colours hold up very well over time.

Ngando’s aim, through this income-generating activity supported by BOTF, is to open a shop in Libreville and to buy land and build a house for his family.


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